Educational and Cultural Musical Assemblies 

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“Wow! The way that you use music to get their attention and teach while at the same time entertaining them is truly remarkable!”

Sarah Ambrozy, Teacher, Wattles Elementary, Troy, MI

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World Winter Holiday Show – Great for December!

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WORLDS OF MUSIC – 12 Different Assembly Themes

Worlds of Music offers a variety of show themes to match school curriculum.

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Family Fun Concerts

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Pre-School Music

Guy is an expert presenter for the youngest among us… more below.

New for 2023!

A Culture of Kindness for Schools

Rave reviews for a show that’s time has come! Open the doors to a culture of kindess at your school with this musical celebration!


Specific activities for school, class and home


Interactive and hands-on learning for kids


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A hybrid of two shows in one!

The World Music / Resilience Tour

The World Music / Resilience Tour

Hands-on  Social Emotional Learning

This hybrid show combines our World Music cultural appreciation show with key elements of our Relaxation to Reslience program.


Maximum hands-on for students


Unbelievable Instruments from around the world


Focusing Attention, Gratitude & more

Positively Rockin’

Character Education Show 

This program stands on its own, yet can also include your school’s C.E. themes. Fast-paced, interactive, uplifting, inspiring… fits with Leader in Me, The Positivity Project, PAWS and all CE themes.


Original upbeat songs w active student participation


Self-Regulation, Kindness, Gratitude


Contributing to School Community

Child breathing seated in green grass

Relaxation to Resilience

The latest science so that a child can understand.

Get Guy’s passion for sharing with students self-regulation and self-awareness skills through music, movement, stories, singing and even puppets… a mothership show!


Interactive and hands-on for kids


The latest science for school and home


Start using the skills the same day

World Music Tour

Bringing the World to Your School!

See unbelieveable instruments such as sitar and tamboura from India, hands-on authentic African instruments for celebration, power of the drum, dancing and shakers from Native America, dancing, singing and the joy of making music in community!


Maximum student participation


Cultural Appreciation & Respect


Well-Researched Educational Content

World Winter Holidays

Capture the Spirit of the Season!

Use music, hands-on interaction, cultural artifacts (candle holders), special songs and more to compare Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa and Winter Solstice in this all-inclusive educational celebration!


Authentic and well-researched


Teachers love this show's content


Captures the spirit of the season for kids!

Black History in American Music

An Essential Aspect of Our American Musical Identity

Begin in Africa, learning elements that we trace through the history of American music such as call-and-response singing, improvisation, importance of creativity, blending into blues, jazz, rock, rap and more.


Maximun hands-on participation


Well-researched educational content


Scholarly yet super fun for kids!

Tune in to Reading

Music and Reading have many similarities…

Tune in to reading with songs such as “If You Can Read”, brings reading alive and more in this exciting show. The famous book “Abiyoyo” by Pete Seeger is highlighted as the ukulele saves the town with music!


Enthusiasm and appreciation for reading


The Five Essential Components of Reading


Reading at home with family, and more...

American Music Tour

Cultural Gems for the World

American music contributes blues, ragtime, jazz, soul, rock n’ roll, rap and more to the world stage… including classical with Aaron Copland and indigenous Native Music.


Celebrates diversity in the USA


Learn important names, places & styles


Hear live music and classic recordings

Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Our Native Roots

Celebrate Gratitude and Thankgiving themes that are part of our deeper American tradition. Native people worldwide share these themes, and as we explore authentic Native American songs and instruments we see our own roots are deeply imbedded in them. Modern songs, movements, hands-on for kids and a great addition to school holiday celebrations.


Importance of the Drum, Dancing, Song


Authentic Native-Made Instruments


Well-Researched, Presented with Respect

Environmental Awareness

We are Gardeners in Nature

Drawing on indigenous wisdom and modern day science, our connection with nature is more important than ever. Gratitude, growing gardens, seeing our place in nature with songs like “Earth is Our Mother”, “The Garden Song” and more.


A Celebration of Nature through Music!


Highlighting what kids can do


Optimism for Our Future

Power Up! Health is Your Wealth

Basic science on Well-Being

Simplified for the youngest students and eye-opening for older, this show is a musical adventure through nutrition, hydration, relaxation, exercise, community.


The Pillars of Health


See and learn about leafy greens, fruit, nutrient dense foods


Personal, Social and World Heath

Residencies with Guy Louis

Multi-day and Week-long

Enrich your school with any of our program themes. As noted by music teacher Lorne Watson after week-long residency in Spring 2023: “His passion for all cultures, music and healthy kids enriched our community far beyond our expectations.”

Pre-School Musical Adventures!

Let’s start at the very beginning!

Pre-School buildings, classrooms, conferences and more hold a special place in Guy’s musical outreach as the science is very clear… teach the youngest among us!


Gently engaging, interactive, appropriate


Tons of content for teachers


Great for Pre-K Family Night Events!

 Family Fun Concerts!

“If they gave out Ph.D’s for fun and music, I’d have to introduce him as

Dr. Guy!

Deb Madonna, Plymouth Arts Council Concert Chairperson

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